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We offer two types of Listings on Driving Direct.A preferred listing and a normal listing. A preferred listing simply means that your driving school will be listed in the top 8 with slightly bigger font than the normal listing. We will only allow for 6-8 preferred listings per province.

There are two ways of getting a preferred listing.
1-Agree to a link exchange, copy the text in the box below and come back to this site after you've made the link, tell us where we can view the link and give us your details. Bob's your uncle. You will have an honour spot in the top 8 of the page for your province. We will be checking these links on a weekly basis. Please do not remove them after we've added you as this will result in your details being banned from the site.

2-If you do not want to do the link, but would like to be in the preferred listing, you can buy your spot for a fee of R350.This will be valid for 6 months

We will automatically load your site on the normal listings, please check to see if you are there before you submit this form. If you are under a normal listing, but would like to move to a preferred listing, then please submit the form as soon as you've done the link exchange.

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