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Drivers license appointment in 2 days. Visit Aspigon Driving Academy

1. Book lessons with your local driving school or get a family member or friend to teach you how to drive. Because of the complexity of the K53 driving test, we would recommend that you book lessons with a professional instructor.

2. In order to do confirm your booking you will require the following:
a. Reference Number
b. ID book + 1 photocopy
c. Learner's licence + 1 photocopy
d. Pay R228 (make sure to get a receipt)
e. 4 black and white ID photos (approx R50)
f. Eye test (to save time at the testing station, get one from your optometrist)

3. On the day of your test, please make sure to arrive at the testing station well in advance.Don't forget to take with you all documents required (see point 2), together with your receipt for R228.

4. Please note that when you pass your test, the testing station will charge you R228 to issue your driver's license. You will immediately receive a temporary driver's licence, valid for 6 months.

Try our Online Learners License Exam and test yourself before the actual test.

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